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The Location

The SPA resort Starozagorki Mineralni Bani is located in Sarnena Sredna Gora, 12 km north-west from Stara Zagora, at 360 m altitude. The climate is transitory-continental, soften by the Mediterranean influence. The winter is mild while the summer days are hot and sunny and the nights are cool and fresh. The good weather  has been attracting people for a long time. At the center of the resort can be seen the remains of an ancient Roman Bath.

About 1,5 km away is the  site Bogorodichna Stapka (Virgin Mary’s Footmark), which has became famous as a holy place with strong energy. It is suggested that in the past it used to be a pagan sanctuary. According to the legend, Virgin Mary appeared carrying Jesus, to save a faithful Christian and to show the righteous path to the unfaithful ones. The rock, on which she stepped imprinted her footmark. The water in the “footmark” never runs dry, even in the hot summer days. People believe that it has healing powers and they come here hoping that they will be cured and that their wishes will come true. In 2003 thanks to the initiative of Neycho Neychev and the volunteer work of the locals was built a small chape named Rovdestvo Bogorodichno (Virgin Mary’s Birth). Groups, who would like to visit the chapel, can get the key from the hotel reception.